What makes Bag’in unique?

Bag’in is a company that develops totally new products in the market and the solutions are unique. For the furniture bag, there is no solution in the market today that is just as easy to use, is adapted to demanding weather conditions and has this solid quality.

Premium quality

Bag’ins outdoor furniture bag is tailor made for varied and hard weather conditions. It has been designed and tested in Norway where the weather is shifting between rain,  snow, cold, sunny, wind and storm. The upper part of the bag is made by a two component material which is waterproof (20 000 mm) and prevents the fabric cracking. We therefore know what our product can withstand and have given it the full 10 year guarantee! With Bag’in’s solid and durable quality, it is not only a long-lasting product, but also takes care of your outdoor furniture and keeps your patio tidy throughout the fall and winter. In addition, the ultra high UV protection will protect against the sun and preventing sun bleaching the outdoor furniture.

Complete storage solution outside

Bag’in is made up of several smart components, which together make up the complete solution for outdoor furniture storage. Bag’in is made of very durable and sturdy fabric that is waterproof. It has strong seams, reinforced, has a solid zipper so it can be assembled and has integrated straps for moving and tightening. In each corner there are also integrated air vents providing a natural and good air flow.

Upper and bottom part

Bag’in has its own upper and bottom part which is coupled with a solid zipper. In this way, it becomes a closed vented solution, where the outdoor furniture is stored inside a bag. Because the top and bottom are connected together, this prevents the top from blowing off in strong winds, as it often does with a tarpaulin or weather cover. Bag’in can also be secured using the integrated attachments for straps.

Naturally ventilated

There are a total of four vents, one in each corner, which ensures a natural flow of air. This prevents moisture from being trapped inside the bag. At the same time, the entire bottom is ventilated which allows moisture to exit there as well.


The material used is soft and flexible, even in freezing temperatures. The combination with the closed construction and the soft fabric makes it very noisy in the wind, as opposed to a tarpaulin.

Waterproof top

The two component material used in the solution is waterproof with a water column of 20000 mm*. This means that the bag can stand outside in the autumn and winter weather. It can also be used as weather cover in the summer.

Unique features

The combination of Scandinavian design, smart solutions and stellar material makes the bag unique. Bag’in can easily be tightened to make the solution smaller and tighter. In severe weather, you can secure your Bag’in by using the fastening straps in each corner. In addition It comes with separate bags for storing when your bag’in is not in use.

Keeps the outdoor area and terrace tidy

Bag’in is very roomy and can store high volumes of outdoor furniture, or other outdoor stuff. If your terrace is even, without sharp edges, it is possible to move the Bag’in around even when it’s filled. And best of all, it clears your patio and keeps things organized during the fall and winter seasons.

10 year warranty

Because of the solid quality Bag’in has a full 10-year warranty. The products are tested in snow and stormy weather, and will do this for many years. .

*) Even with a water column of 20 000 mm the bag can leak water if soaked in water for a long time. See Tips & Advice on how to pack Bag’in to keep water out.

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Solid zipper that connects bottom and top.
Handles at the bottom
Bagin-Ona - copy
Ventilated floor
Bagin-Ona - copy
Tighter both in the middle and down at the bottom
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Air hatch in each corner
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Strap down at each corner
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Watch Bag’in stand in the storm here!

You can secure a Bag'in today for smarter storage of your outdoor furniture!

Bag’in is very easy to use and is adapted to Norwegian conditions. In addition, we have a full 10 year warranty!