What makes Bag’in so unique?

Bag’in is a world-first unique solution! There is nothing that compares on the market today. It is easy to use, adapted to extreme Norwegian conditions and constructed to the highest quality.

High quality

Bag’in is tailored to Norwegian conditions and has been tested and used by our customers in strong storms. It´s so tough, Bag´in comes with a 5 year guarantee! With solid and durable quality, it is not only a long-lasting solution, but also takes care of your outdoor furniture, looks good and keeps your outdoor spaces tidy throughout the autumn and winter.

A complete outdoor storage solution

Bag´in is made of several smart components, creating a complete solution for storing outdoor furniture. Our products are constructed from durable, waterproof materials. Bag´in has strong, well reinforced seams, a strong zipper and integrated straps for tightening. In each corner, there are integrated air vents.

Top & Base sections

Bag´in has two sections connected with a strong zipper, meaning outdoor furniture can now be effectively stored inside a ventialted bag. With the top and base zipped together, Bag´in prevents movement in strong winds, which can easily occur using a tarpaulin or other products.

Naturally ventilated

There are four perfectly-designed air vents, one in each corner, ensuring natural airflow and preventing moisture from being trapped inside. Even better, the entire base is ventilated allowing any moisture to escape.


Bag´in materials are soft and flexible, even in sub-zero temperatures. The combination of a ventilated construction and soft fabric make our products very quiet in the wind, unlike a noisy tarpaulin.


Bag´in materials and coatings are waterproof to 20,000 mm*, designed for autumn and winter weather. As a bonus, Bag´in can also be used as a weather cover in the summer.

Unique features

Our materials are carefully selected and Bag´in products are uniquely designed. Bag´in can be easily tightened in all directions, if a smaller and more compact solution is required. In extreme weather, you can secure your Bag’in by using the fastening straps in each corner with our patented safety anchors.

Keeps outdoor spaces tidy

Bag´in can be placed anywhere on your deck. Best of all, it clears your outdoor spaces, keeping them organized in the autumn and winter seasons.

5 year warranty

Bag’in purchases include a 5 year warranty. Our products are durable and solid, storm-tested and tailored to Norwegian autumn and winter conditions.

*) If water remains on the bag for a long time period, it may eventually penetrate materials