Bag’in extends summer holiday-home season

Tired of storing all your outdoor furniture inside the house when you close up for the season?

Don´t worry, the world’s best bag for outdoor furniture is here! With our smart storage solutions, you can keep outdoor furniture outside, where it belongs. Bag´in saves you hours of unnecessary carrying and creates living space inside your cabin. This means that you can continue to use the property, even after the outdoor spaces are packed down. Most summer cabins have limited storage space inside, and it is not ideal when the entire place is filled with outdoor furniture and pillows!

When autumn comes and it´s time to close up for the season, the cabin is very often used as a storage shed for outdoor furniture and pillows.

Free up space and avoid unnecessary carrying.

Our smart storage solutions for outdoor furniture are your very best friends when the summer furniture is being packed down. Bag’in makes it easy for you, and in just a few minutes, everything is packed down and safely stored until the next time you need it.

With proper protection, you take care of your outdoor furniture, storing it outside with a clear conscience. With our smart storage solutions, outdoor furniture is left in a protective bag that keeps the weather out.

With it´s upper cover and lower base sections connected with a heavy duty zipper, furniture is safe inside our 100% waterproof, protective bag. Our products have a ventilated base for condensation, plus air vents on each side for good air flow. Bag´in products are constructed from storm tested, high quality materials.