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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on how to set up Bag'in?

What are the dimensions and weight?

  • Bag’in Utvær (4 x 2 x1 meter) 10 kg
  • Bag’in Lista (3 x 2 x 1 meter) 6 kg
  • Bag’in Færder (2 x 2 x 1 meter) 5 kg
  • Bag’in Ona (1x2x1 meter) 3 kg

In our included storage bag, Bag’in is the size of a packed sleeping bag.

Is Bag'in Waterproof?

Yes, Bag’in is waterproof to a water column of 20000 mm. But if water accumulates for a long time on top, it will eventually be able to penetrate. It is therefore important to build a peak, so that water can drain off naturally and large ponds do not form.

With temperature fluctuations, there will always be some moisture formation in the form of condensation. Bag’in therefore developed a ventilated base and airflow vents in each corner to give our products good constant airflow. Sun and wind will also help to minimise condensation.
When Bag’in is set up outdoors, there will be the same climate and humidity inside Bag’in as outside.

How is it best to secure Bag'in in the wind?

We recommend using the fastening straps in each corner. If you have heavy outdoor furniture, you will normally not need it, but in strong winds, it is smart to secure your belongings. If your outdoor furniture is light, you should secure Bag’in using our additional safety anchors, with ropes or straps.

What can I store with Bag'in?

Bag’in is designed to store outdoor furniture and outdoor products. That is, products that can withstand weather, wind, humidity etc. Bag’in is not an outdoor storage solution for products intended for indoor use. Condensation will always occur, and if you have outdoor pillows, blankets and other items that do not tolerate condensation, then they should not be stored in Bag’in.

Can I store wooden furniture with Bag'in?

Yes you can. But we must add that there will always be condensation to some degree, so check that your furniture can withstand this. The condensation will turn into water and can settle inside. To deal with this, Bag’in has a ventilated base, so condensation escapes from the bottom. Additionally, air vents in each corner give constant airflow. It is important the air vents are not obstructed so they can do their job.

Bag’in does not guarantee the items stored inside Bag’in. Check with the supplier of your wooden furniture to be sure it is able to withstand outdoor winter storage.

Can I use Bag'in in the winter?

Absolutely! Bag’in is from Norway! It is intended to be used through the winter for storing outdoor furniture, as a much easier and better alternative to tarpaulins and ropes.

Can I put Bag'in on grass, or does it need to be on a deck?

Bag’in should not be used on grass. It must be used on a deck or alternatively on a gravel/shingle surface. It can also stand on tiles or concrete but it is important to keep in mind that rainwater collecting around the product must have the opportunity to drain away. It is best if there is a slope, for example, on your stone terrace.

Can I store my outdoor pillows in Bag'in?

We recommend that you bring the pillows inside for the winter. In the summer you can use the top of Bag’in as a weather cover and the pillows can be left inside for a day or two or at night. If there are large temperature fluctuations, moisture can form in the form of condensation. If your pillows may not tolerate condensation, store them inside.

Is there enough ventilation to prevent mould on outdoor furniture?

Although Bag’in is very well ventilated, we can not guarantee that there will be no mould formation in all circumstances. In an outdoor environment, with large temperature fluctuations, Bag’in will not always be 100% free of moisture.

Can I store a bicycle in Bag'in?

You can. However, you must be aware that there will be some moisture, in the form of condensation. It is therefore very important to pack the bicycle correctly to ensure good airflow through the air vents.

Can Bag'in make custom sized storage solutions?

As of today, we do not have a solution for special orders but our models cover the vast majority of needs when it comes to storing outdoor furniture.

Can I use Bag'in in Spain or other countries with extremely hot climates?

Yes, you can, but our products are not specifically designed for this type of climate. The UV protection of Bag’in is very high, protecting well from sun, weather and dirt but we cannot guarantee that our products will function normally in extremely hot climates.

Does Bag'in tolerate the cold?

Yes, Bag’in is designed for Norwegian conditions and can withstand the cold through the winter. What is important to check, is whether your outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the cold.

How do I maintain my Bag'in?

Bag’in likes to be taken care of! Feel free to lubricate the zipper with grease and spray Bag’in with waterproofing spray for extra protection. Wash Bag’in with a soft cloth and mild soapy water, rinse and dry well after washing. Natural soap is recommended.

What should not be stored in Bag'in?

In general, you should not store things that would not withstand the winter outside. Such as outdoor pillows, outdoor rugs and items that rust easily.

Does Bag'in come with a guarantee?

Yes, Bag’in has a 5 year warranty! The warranty is for the Bag’in product and NOT what may be stored in Bag’in. For example – outdoor furniture, garden furniture, bicycles, barbecue etc.
The guarantee applies to: Stitches, zippers, handles, air vents and the materials that Bag’in is constructed from.

Is Bag'in easy to use?

Yes, Bag’in is extremely easy to use! Almost anyone can set it up. It is even easier if two people pack Bag’in together.

Can you guarantee that there will be no moisture in Bag'in?

No, we can not guarantee that there will be no moisture inside Bag’in. This is an outdoor product and there will be some condensation due to temperature and weather fluctuations. But most outdoor furniture can withstand this condensation. Our solution is designed with a ventilated bottom, so if any condensation occurs, it can dry. Bag’in also has air vents in each corner which reduce any moisture build-up and give constant airflow.

How do I know Bag'in has received my order?

You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. It is important that you enter your correct email address. If you are unsure about your order status, send an e-mail to

Why can't I complete my order on the website?

If you have problems send an e-mail to

Can I order over the phone?

No unfortunately, all orders are made through our website.

How do I find my order number?

You will find your order number on the order confirmation that was sent to you by e-mail when ordering.

Does Bag'in have special offers?

Yes, when we have special offers, we advertise these at our online store.

Where can I order Bag'in products?

Our products can only be ordered from Bag’in is not available in stores.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied or regret my purchase?

You have the right to withdraw from a Bag’in purchase in the same way as other products you buy on the internet. The item must not be used and you must cancel the purchase within 14 days. You must pay the return shipping cost. A cancellation form is included with purchase.

What if the product does not meet my expectations?

If you believe that the product does not meet your expectations and that there are errors or deficiencies with your product, please contact us at Mark your e-mail with “Complaint”.

Why haven't I received an order confirmation?

We always send an order confirmation when you order an item through our online store. Please enter the correct email address when entering your order information. Check if the confirmation email has arrived in your spam folder. You can also send an e-mail to to ask to have it resent.

How long is the delivery time on your products?

We offer 2-5 day delivery with DHL Express when we have products in-stock. We will state in our online store order if the delivery time may be longer.

Will i receive a tracking number when my order is sent?

Yes, you will receive a tracking to the specified e-mail address and mobile number when your order is sent from our warehouse.

How do I know the status of my order?

You will receive a tracking number by e-mail and text message so you can follow the package from the warehouse to the place of delivery.

Can I order but delay delivery?

No, orders stay at the place of delivery for 14 days before returning to our warehouse. If it has to be sent again, you will be charged for extra shipping.

Which freight carrier does Bag'in use?

All orders from outside Norway are sent with DHL Express.