The perfect summer cover for weather and wind!

Protect outdoor furniture and pillows from rain, dust, birds and more.


Our smart storage bags are mainly intended for storing outdoor furniture during the autumn and winter, but by using only the top cover section, it is also a perfect solution during summer. By laying the cover over entire furniture groups, sofas or tables, it works extremely well as protection. The top cover tightens well and if there is strong wind where you live, we recommend that you secure your Bag´in with our safety anchor. Make the Bag´in cover easily accessible so that you can quickly pull it over the outdoor furniture when the rain comes. It is also smart to use the cover overnight to protect your furniture from damp. You avoid the hassle of taking in your pillows in the evening!

What do you do when the rain suddenly comes?

We recommend that you use the Bag’in top as the perfect rain cover!